PathLight Behavioral Health Program | AboutFace-USA®

A diverse group of veterans sitting in a circle during a clinical therapy session, engaging in conversation with an American flag in the background.The PathLight Behavioral Health Program, offered by AboutFace-USA®, provides comprehensive outpatient treatment for veterans facing mental health and/or addiction challenges. Guided by expert care from Britt Parramore, this program offers a multifaceted approach including group counseling, individual therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and continuous support, all tailored to the unique needs of veterans. Spanning 4-12 months, the program is designed to foster symptom reduction and enhance the quality of life on all fronts: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Participants can expect a transformative journey toward recovery, with measurable outcomes such as reduced symptoms, lower relapse rates, improved employment prospects, and enriched personal relationships. Our commitment is to stand with our veterans at every step, ensuring a path back to strength and wellness.