Mental Health - Good health includes good mental health, are you healthy?  You know you are cut when you bleed, you know you have a mental health concern when your behavior disrupts employment, loving relationships, and/or achieving daily routines.

While some cuts need a simple band-aid, sometimes the cut is more complex and you go to the Doctor to get stitches, antibiotics, and more. Mental health concerns are typically more complex and seeing a Doctor is the first step in identifying what the issue is through an evaluation. Simple, right? STIGMA might get in the way, costs, lack of transportation, and even fear of the unknown can get in the way of seeing a Doctor. AboutFace-USA® offers a temporary alternative to veterans and family members who just aren't sure what to do. AboutFace-USA® is for those who think they can do-it-themselves or want guidance in what direction to go. Call or email to schedule a confidential trained veteran peer consultation.

For Veterans, Make the Connection is a website where you can see videos and hear stories of other veterans' successes and recoveries. You can even specify stories from veterans of an specific era, branch of service, sex and whether or not you experienced combat. For veterans transitioning from service, click here. For veterans interested in maintaining healthy relationships, click here. For veterans wanting to manage their PTSD, click here.

For Caregivers of veterans and military service members, Facebook's Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community is a great resource. Join this group for moral support and updates on VA benefits for family members or caregivers.

click here for information on local/national veteran and veteran family mental health resources.

Classes - click here for local or online classes designed to help develop life skills and support.

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) operates three separate programs (click here for more details)

  1. Veteran Health Care Services:
  2. Veteran Benefits:
  3. Veteran Burials and Memorials: