Online Guide to Healing

Carolyn Agosta, a partner at AboutFace-USA and the leader of the Online Healing Program, smiling warmly.AboutFace-USA® proudly presents a unique opportunity for veterans and their families, led by the experienced Master of Social Work, Carolyn Agosta.

Starting January 27th, join us for a powerful six-week series dedicated to releasing trauma and embracing self-love. Carolyn’s expertise in various healing modalities—from Usui Reiki to Body and Brain Yoga—equips her with tools that she’s eager to share, fostering joy and gratitude in everyday life.

Dates: January 27 – March 2 | March 30 – May 4 | August 3 – September 7
Duration: 1 hour per session, once a week for 6 weeks
Objective: To guide you through recognizing and releasing bodily trauma, helping you live life to its fullest potential.

You Will Gain: Effective tools to address day-to-day symptoms of past trauma, achieve calmness, and cultivate peacefulness within.

This is more than a class; it’s a step towards a life lived in joy. A life where liking, approving, and loving yourself becomes your new foundation.

Spaces are limited, so don’t wait to transform your tomorrow.

Register now and begin the journey back to your true self with Carolyn Agosta and AboutFace-USA®.