Profiles of Resilence

Profiles of Resilience: Share Your Story!

We are proud to introduce the Profiles of Resilience initiative, a collaborative effort between AboutFace-USA® and Kennesaw State University’s Center for the Advancement of Military and Emergency Services (AMES) Research. This program is dedicated to documenting and sharing the inspiring stories of military veterans and their families who have shown extraordinary resilience in overcoming significant life challenges.

Who Can Participate?

We are looking for participants who can share their journeys of resilience:

  • Military veterans
  • Military veterans with their spouse/significant other
  • Military veterans with a family member

To be eligible, military veterans must reside in one of the following counties: Forsyth, Cherokee, Pickens, Dawson (North Fulton / Cobb).

Participation Details

Participants will engage in a detailed interview that explores their personal experiences of overcoming hardships and the strategies they have used to navigate these challenges. These stories are not only a testament to individual endurance but also serve as beacons of hope and inspiration for others.

Benefits of Participating

  • Recognition: Each participant will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for sharing their valuable story.
  • Visibility: Selected stories will be featured on limited edition posters, celebrating the strength and resilience of our veteran community.

How to Get Involved

If you or someone you know has a story of resilience, we encourage you to participate in this meaningful project. Your experiences could offer great comfort and motivation to others facing similar challenges.

For more information or to register as a participant, please click here or contact our Programs Manager:

Join Our Mission

Thank you for considering sharing your journey with us. By participating in the Profiles of Resilience, you contribute not just to a study but to a larger narrative of hope and perseverance that can uplift and inspire an entire community. Let us come together to celebrate and learn from the resilience that defines our veteran community.

We look forward to hearing your story and sharing it with the world. Together, we can make a profound impact by highlighting the courage and strength that lie within our community. Join us in this crucial endeavor to honor and inspire resilience.

Join the Profiles of Resilience Initiative

Thank you for exploring the Profiles of Resilience initiative, a collaborative project between AboutFace-USA® and Kennesaw State University’s AMES Research. We are dedicated to capturing and sharing the compelling stories of military veterans who have demonstrated remarkable resilience in overcoming significant life challenges.

Your story has the power to inspire and uplift others. By participating in this initiative, you contribute not only to a valuable research project but also to a larger narrative that highlights the strength and perseverance of the veteran community. We believe that these stories can offer hope and guidance to others navigating similar difficulties.

Participate, Share, Inspire

  • Participate: If you are a veteran residing in Forsyth, Cherokee, Pickens, or Dawson counties and are interested in sharing your journey, we would be honored to hear from you.
  • Share: Help us spread the word by sharing this initiative with fellow veterans and your community. Every story counts and can make a significant impact.
  • Inspire: Through your experiences, you have the power to inspire resilience and courage in others. Your story can help forge connections and foster understanding within and beyond the veteran community.

For more information on how to participate or to lend your support to the Profiles of Resilience initiative, please contact our Programs Manager:

We invite you to join us in this important endeavor. Together, let’s celebrate and honor the resilience that defines our veterans. Your involvement is crucial to the success of this project and to the well-being of the entire veteran community.