Homelessness – Backpacks & Grocery-Bag Mattresses

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Backpack for Homeless Veterns


Our Annual Backpack Drive is held every year from September 1 through December 10 and we accept donations throughout the year. Items accepted are listed here – new items only sizes Medium, Large, Extra-Large, 2X-Large.  Can you set-up a collection box or barrel at your church, school, or business? Make arrangements by contacting Carol at 888-766-0222 or emailing us at info@aboutface-usa.org.

Grocery-Bag Mattresses (Mats)

Yes, we do have volunteers who hand-make mats for homeless veterans and others. The purpose is to keep people off the ground, for warmth. We make and distribute mats year round. If you would like to volunteer and earn how to make these mats – it’s fun and easy, but time intensive – contact Carol at 888-766-0222 or email us at info@aboutface-usa.org.