Volunteer at AboutFace-USA® | Support Veterans Community

Join Our Mission to Empower Veterans

At AboutFace-USA®, we believe that our nation’s veterans are owed a debt of gratitude and support. Volunteering with us is more than just a commitment of time — it’s a statement of support for our heroes who have served. Our volunteer program at AboutFace Farm is a cornerstone of our efforts, fostering a community that thrives on solidarity, respect, and care.

Our indoor tower gardens, community spaces, and holistic programs are sustained by the dedication of volunteers like you. Whether you’re greeting our guests with a warm smile or nurturing the greenery that fills our space with life, your contribution is invaluable. We offer flexible shifts from 10 AM to 1 PM and 1 PM to 4 PM, Monday through Saturday, allowing you to make an impact that fits your schedule.

As a volunteer at AboutFace-USA®, you’ll join a family committed to making a difference in veterans’ lives through holistic healing, peer support, and community-building. Here, every task, every hour, and every volunteer brings us closer to a world where our veterans’ sacrifices are met with the care and support they deserve.

Join us in this journey of service and camaraderie—because when we come together, we can make the extraordinary happen.


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